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Welcome to Flexiscale

Hello. We're trying something new in model kits. The way we design them is different, the way they're made is different and the way we choose which kits to make is different.

We're using modern surveying methods on real life objects to make precise three dimensional plans. We split up the plans into kits that we feel are simple, yet fun to make, detail and paint. We're producing the kits on demand using 3D printing.

Now we've worked out how to do it, what we want to do is to make the kits you want. So we've made a system for you to propose kits to us.

How it works

You propose a kit and once there's enough interest we measure the prototype using high resolution photography or laser scanning.
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We make a detailed 3D computer model from the data we've gathered and work out how to make a kit which is fun to build.
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We produce a 3D printed kit. We print them on demand for you, at the scale you want. They'll arrive in about 2-3 weeks.
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